Welcome and Thank You for checking Me out. GB Custom Rods originated from me being a fishing addict and a tinkerer. I have always had a feeling that making something with your hands means more to you then something store bought. Most fishing rods produced commercially have zero personality to them. Basic color schemes, and little personalization. I just didn’t want that any more. So after many hours of failures and experience I have perfected my craft, and have decided to put GB Custom Rods out for sale.


My background as an Angler is extensive. I grew up fishing the jetties and beaches of southern New Jersey. As I aged I progressed into a party boat Mate. My skills grew and I switched to charter boat off shore fishing.

In my mid twenties I left South Jersey for Key West Florida. In Key West I worked several fishing Jobs. Back country, reef, and blue water trolling are some of the arenas I worked in. If it swims on the East coast I have probably caught it or rigged a bait to catch it. These years of experience all go into every GB Custom Rod I create. I build all my rods to perform the way they should. GB Custom Rods are fishing rods made for anglers by an angler.